Jeremy Clarkson and the One-Show outburst

What? 4,700 complaints to the BBC in a matter of hours after Jezza said if it was up to him,  he would have “Strikers shot in front of their families
For goodness sake, get a grip,  he was being his usual irreverent, provocative, non-pc, oafish self.
He was being EXACTLY how the show and his fans wanted him to be…. a comedian, a non-pc joker.

4,700!!!! What is wrong with these people?  Do they take everything people say literally?  Has anyone in the history of the planet ever taken what Jeremy said for real?

Facebook and Twitter is full of outrage over all this, yet in some parts of Africa and Asia people are being shot in front of their families FOR REAL.  I don’t hear anyone getting all precious about that.

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Public Sector Strike – not helpful folks

So the Public Sector went on strike yesterday (30th November). Nice one chaps. Very helpful.

What on earth did you lot hope to achieve?
Oh, you wanted a shorter working life and a larger pension. Sorry, silly me.
Well hey, I have news for you, so does everyone else!

The difference is that some of us don’t even have a job, let alone a gilded pension.  And thanks to your action yesterday, there are folk that had to take a day off unpaid, businesses that could not produce and services that could not be performed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that one of the old perks of being a Civil Servant was that you were pretty much guaranteed a job for life with a good pension at the end of it and it must hurt like hell to suddenly find that the rules have changed.   Read the full post »